Wow such a creative name. xD


  • Only characters that are either in the games or created by you. No comic characters (such as Sally Acorn), please. Also not accepting Tails Doll.
  • Must have my permission to enter, and has to tell me which character you're using first, and if you're using a character you made you have to link me the character's info page.
  • Nothing mature, keep it family-friendly. This includes swear words, the other word I don't want to say, etc. (Couples are still allowed though, just don't RP the couple having the word I don't want to say, or anything else too mature for the RP.)
  • No creepypastas.



(I'll let someone else start the RP, after someone says something I might post something :P) (Also please note, I'm not that good at RP so sorry if I bad xD)

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